New Year, New Features

Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to you all. We’ve been super busy working on a wide range of things over the last few months. As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions so do contact us.

Mail Updates

Some of our Enterprise Hosting customers have had these features for a while now, but they filtering back across all packages now.

MailBox Quotes

We’ve worked with a number of customers to figure out how certain mailboxes were going over their assigned quotes and updated the system. The improvements mean that webmail, desktop and even your phone should be able to see the correct quota when set.

MailBox Search

All mailboxes now have search indexing enabled and available using full IMAP search. Roundcube, our preferred webmail client, supports the interaction with the server-side search indexes, as does Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. We’ve already heard back on improvements from Apple users too.

Your very first search on a large mailbox may be a little slow as the system doesn’t enable the index until at least one search takes place. After that, results should be incredibly quick to return.

Spam Filtering

As with some of our previous mail upgrades, we’ve worked hard to clamp down some of the rules. This new update has worked well with some of our larger mail customers and is now being rolled out to all other accounts.

That said, we’ve much more coming. We hope to be able to port back features like our auto-whitelisting and per-mailbox auto levelling in the next couple of months too. Both of these combined have proved very effective in reducing false-positives and false-negatives.

Server Upgrades

Beyond what we’ve listed below, a number of other improvements have been rolled out to reduce disk latency, increase CPU response times and all together make your site that little bit more responsive. While subtle enough that you may not notice, we’ve seen measured improvements on site response times for some of the more complex installs.

MySQL Server

There has been quite a bit of work going on to improve the speed of MySQL. One such improvement was to ensure even more of your data sits natively in memory so there isn’t any disk lag.

We also have some upgrades to the control panel coming to help developers with MySQL over the next few months but if there is anything in particular you are looking for, please do let us know.

MySQL Backups

We’ve upgraded the scripts we use to do our MySQL backups and they’ve been running across all servers for over a month now. The benefits are that your database spends less time locked when we are doing a full backup run. Our largest database lock time has dropped by almost 90%.

In case you are wondering, why do we lock the database? This will ensure we get consistent backups. If it ever comes to recovery, we can be sure that it will restore correctly too. Things are also tested quite often so you can have piece of mind. More information on the backup system is on our blog.

New Control Panel

Okay, so not really new, but it looks so great we are calling it new. The whole look and feel has been re-vamped and things generally made easier. Log on today and let us know what you think or if there is anything in particular you’d like improved.

One major new feature we have for our resellers is the ability to brand the control panel. Yup, you read that right, a fully brand-able control panel, and no, we don’t just mean changing the logo.


We have more to come so stay tuned. For existing customers, check inside your control panel for some special…

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