Benefits of Linux Hosting

Linux is everywhere these days. You interact with it many times without knowing it. For instance, this website is hosted on Linux. Gone are the days when Linux was only used geeks in the basement.

Should you care?

In most cases, knowing the operating system your website runs on isn’t going to help with much of the day to day decisions. If you are uploading standard HTML pages, then any system will do. Even when you start programming, the differences do not start showing until you begin to use some of the advanced features.

So why is Linux everywhere in the web hosting world? Simple answer, the software cost is free. A Linux webserver can be setup without having to pay for licences. But since the software costs do not make up a huge part of the costs the web hosting companies feel, there has to be more right? Giant companies such as Facebook, Google or Yahoo do not choose Linux hosting based on the software cost.


In today’s world, the number of hacking attempts is truly astronomical. The majority of them are automated scanners that search the internet looking for vulnerable websites. While simply running on a Linux web server will now protect everything, it definitely does help if and when a website is breached. Because Linux is Open Source Software, meaning anyone can work on the code, updates, patched, and security fixes can come from anywhere. This means a rapid fix for problems once they are discovered.


The same fact that helps with security also helps with reliability. The open source nature of Linux means operating system patches come quicker and get reviewed by more people. The biggest benefits is the lack of reboots required. This means security patches can be updated without downtime. No downtime means your site is not offline.

Here at Vade, having your site online and accessible is our number one goal. We’ve talked previously about uptime and how our guarantee is different. Experience it for yourself with our Primus Irish Web Hosting package.


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