Mail Feature Upgrade

Email is often compared to that weed that never dies. Just when a new technology comes along that will supposedly kill it off, it makes another come back. And since it is always one of those things that has to “just work”, we do put a fair amount of effort in to have the features you require to make your life easier.

Over the past year we have been working quietly behind the scenes upgrading our mail infrastructure and adding features to the control panel. What began as a simple upgrade to improve speed has expanded out all the way to additional server side – user level spam filtering, and lots in between. Read on to get an overview of the different features we have added, and even those you may not have known existed.

Server Side – Out of Office

An out of office reply is what you need for those times when you are off work. The server sends a nice email to anyone to emails in your absence, all while your email client is not turned off.

Even though this features has been in the control panel for some time, it is still regularly requested. You can find it in the Mail Manger section when logged into your control panel.

Mail Relay / Non-Local Email

Sometimes referred to a Backup MX, you can now use Vade as a secondary email server should you run your own. While previously you needed to contact Support for this, all the settings are inside of the Mail Manager under Mail Domains. First set the domain to Non-Local, then adjust the transport to where you want the email to be forwarded to.

You can also choose not to use Vade for email and simply turn off local email here. This will force our email server to use whatever DNS entries you have specified.

Updates to Spam Filters

Spam filtering is one of those items that is constantly being worked on. And we here at Vade are continuing to update the different sections to make it more effective.

Over the past year we have improved the hit ratios, both for detecting spam correctly, and reducing the number of incorrectly tagged emails. Because we understand that you’d rather not miss an important email, we always side to less false positives rather than less spam getting through.

All these updates tie closely into the rest of the features.

Customisable (per user) whitelist/blacklist email addresses

For those times when you want to block a particular email from sending mail to yourself, a black list is the way to go. We have expanded it out so that the lists are done per user and you have the ability to set the scoring on them. As such you can determine if you just want it filtered as spam, or even to a level that gets it deleted.

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