Control Panel – Web Aliases URL Forwarding

One feature we have been asked about quite a bit over the previous months has been the ability to redirect URLs to other locations. Normally we have just handled this as a normal support request once asked, but it now available in the Control Panel, under Account Utilities.

What is a Web Hop / Web Alias

A web hop is the ability to redirect a URL on your domain to another location, be that on your own domain, or another domain. Usually it is used for shortening those long, hard to remember URLs that sometimes become necessary for different web applications.

An Example

Say you have a web based application that you use, and you regularly find that you and others regularly need to go to a special part of it that has a long URL. You use this application to manage the addresses of people you deal with and want to be able to get to it quickly from where ever you are. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just type http://address.yourdomain.ext instead of http://customapp.yourdomain.ext/web/modules/?section=address&type=search

A web hop gives you this ability. In the control panel, you enter address in the Subdomain field. Select your domain from dropdown menu, then enter http://customapp.yourdomain.ext/web/modules/?section=address&type=search into the redirect Url box. Simple as that. The control panel takes care of everything needed to get it to work.

As always, we welcome your suggestions or feature requests. Please contact us with any you may have.

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