New Packages, New Prices

A change is afoot, and the change is good. We like hearing what you, our customers have to say, currently we will give you free hosting in exchange on why you aren’t ordering. Getting feedback is the single best way to improve our service to you. Without knowing what you want, we can only guess that we are giving you want you want.

In line with all the feedback, some changes have emerged.

New Packages

Firstly things are now simplified a little. We have reduced the number of packages down to three. Our new Primus Web Hosting Package can give you up to 10G of space, up to 100G of monthly bandwidth transfer allowance, and can take up to 10 individual sites. And all from €2.37 per month. It is a deal not to be missed.

If you need more, there is our Professional Web Hosting Package and our premium level, Enterprise Web Hosting Package.

A new thing with our packages is the multi-year options. Some people like paying for more upfront and so do we. But unlike other people running this deal, we think that if you are willing to pay for more than one year upfront, then we should give something back to you. The longer you sign up for, the more you get. And if you pay for 3 years, we’ll even give you an additional 5% discount on top of the larger package.

New Prices

New packages mean new prices and we think you’ll like our new prices. Especially in the current climate, it is always nice to get more for less, and that is exactly what we are aiming to do.

We also reduced our .ie Domain price by a staggering 50% last week. Why not get yours now?

Contacting Us

Email will always be the quickest method of contacting us and we guarantee a response within a maximum of two hours during business hours, (it is usually a lot less) and a maximum of 12 hours out of business hours for non critical items. We do pride ourselves on our customer support and should you ever not be completely satisfied, please contact for an immediate response.

Not convinced, check out some of the nice things our customers have had to say.

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Dan WaldronOctober 5th, 2009 at 8:16 am

Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

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