Feedback and free stuff

Not buying? Tell us why and get free hosting. Honest.

Really its just that simple. Fill in the form over here, telling us what we are missing or why you didn’t buy today, and as soon as we can fill the gap, you’ll get free hosting on our Primus Web Hosting package for 1 full year (subject to our normal T&C of course).

Where is the catch???

We know we know, these things are usually too good to be true and there is always is a catch. Well to keep the higher ups happy, there is one or two small ones for this.

You need to fill out the form in full.
Obviously if we can’t contact you, we can’t give you some free hosting can we?

The feedback needs to be printable.
We aren’t looking for a story fit for an evening newspaper, what we mean by this is that it can’t just be random text. If it has a point, then that is enough. If it is a missing feature you are after, more is better. The more information we have, the more likely we are to get it right.

Domains are not free.
It is free hosting after all. We’d like if you bought your domains from us, but it isn’t something we require. We would like if you told us why, but again it isn’t required. We do need to know the domain you’ll be hosting so we can add it to the package.

And that is it!

Not much to it is there now. So go on. Contact Us. Help us help you.

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