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Moving web hosts is generally a big enough task. It is actually how most hosts still exist after reducing their customer service levels to near non existence. The hassle and possibility for outages or downtime and the added work left most people just living with what they had short of a very big problem.

Those days are gone. Vade are now offering a move host package where we do all the leg work in moving the site across. We do require access to your existing host to copy the files across as well as a list of subdomains and email addresses with passwords, but beyond that everything happens transparently.

The old process (or the process with another host)

  1. You signed up for your new Vade web hosting account.
  2. The domain(s) are transferred to Vade but DNS hosting remains with your old host at this time.
  3. You login and configure up the site in the same fashion as your existing host.
  4. The website files are uploaded to the new web space.
  5. The email accounts are setup on the Vade servers.
  6. You match existing DNS entries on the Vade servers. This is where all sub domain entries such as and are added and pointed to your old host.
  7. DNS hosting is moved to Vade but the old site still points back to your old host.
  8. After the propagation period (usually 48 hours along longer is suggested in some situations), you changes the DNS entries to point to Vade meaning users are now accessing the site on the Vade servers.

The Vade way

  1. You sign up for your new Vade web hosting account specifying you want the MoveHost option.
  2. You send through details on sub domains and email accounts as well as details for logging in to your old host.
  3. Vade then work on transferring your domains and setting up the site on the Vade servers. We also give the option of setting a test copy of the site so you can if things work fully before the switch over.
  4. You tell Vade when you would like the switchover to happen and the site and email moves across

The Price

Since we are feeling generous, the additional service is offered free with new signups for a limited period. We will eventually have to charge for it but we do believe that moving should be as simple as possible and this is one of the many ways we try and show it.

As with all things, if there is anything we can do to assist, please do contact us.

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