Why choose Vade Internet Solutions?

The old adage that says “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than in the Web Hosting and Web Design world of today. With computers dropping in prices at almost alarming rates over the past few years, computer services tried to keep pace. However, most companies have done this by cutting corners and not true costs.

Here at Vade, we will openly admit that we are not, and will not be the cheapest product on the market. If you are happy with a site that works, mostly, and where support is what the other company have bought, then there are a multitude of companies on the market that offer cheaper products. With Vade, you are buying a product we would hope is equal the quality of your own brand. We take pride in our work and the level of service we provide, and we want this pride to felt upon every dealing with Vade. Our support team is always available to assist in every aspect of your design and hosting needs. And unlike with other companies, if you are ever unhappy with an aspect of our business, our procedures, or how you have been dealt with, I welcome you to contact me directly at stephen@vade.ie and voice your concerns directly.

So how do you know if the company you are thinking of choosing is good or bad?
Well in my opinion this is actually an easy one to spot. The first thing we usually look at is how much of an investment has a company made to get where they are today. And by this we don’t mean how much money they have spent. These days, a hosting company can be born in half an hour by someone signing up to a reseller package, choosing a company name, and submitting themselves into Google. And for someone who only wants a simple website these “companies” are perfect as they are nearly always cheaper than the competition. If you are looking for something that will live up to the standards you have set for your own establishment, then you want a company that has invested more time and more of themselves into getting their own business to a level they themselves are proud of.

We here in Vade have spent considerable time developing our own custom hosting platform and control panel software. Everything has been designed from the ground up with our customer needs in mind. And as with all areas of our operation, we always welcome suggestions to improve to make your life easier. This gives us enormous flexibility such that if there is a feature a customer wants and we don’t have it, we can develop it, test it, and then provide it. With other companies, they usually have to request the feature from the software vendor they bought their platform from, hope it gets added, and then wait for it to be released. For more information, do check out our website. http://www.vade.ie/

Thank you for your time and I hope that this information is of some use to you and helps you make the right choice for your business.

Stephen Ryan
Director and Owner
Vade Internet Solutions Ltd

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Vikas GuptaOctober 26th, 2009 at 4:37 am

Look how a tech guy lost 900 posts thanks to Dreamhost! This is why I am so wary of self-hosting; blame him too, he never maintained a back up!


VadeOctober 27th, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Be safe in the knowledge that we run a minimum of 7 days complete off-site backups.

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