New Control Panel Features

In response to a recent request, we will now start detailing the updates to the control panel, both on the blog [] and via the mailing list.

The first of the new features is the ability to be notified when you are getting close to your limit for either bandwidth usage, or disk space usage. This feature can be found in the Account Utilities section of the control panel. Using this feature will allow you to define at what level you want to receive the alerts, and to what email address you want them sent. A mail will then be sent once a day if you are past this limit.

The second of the new features which we have just released is not entirely finished. What is present in the control panel works, it is just that we have a few more features to come and the functionality has not been added to the mailadmin site you can give to your users. So if you haven’t guessed, we have added some more SPAM filtering features. It is being constantly expanded too but if there is anything in particular that you are after, contact us and let us know.

Right now you will have the ability to add email addresses to the domain white/black list. We are already working on expanding this feature out to include an individual list for every mailbox on your account. This feature can be found inside of the Mail Manager section of the Control Panel.

White/black listing can be done on either a hard basis where you say always accept, or always reject, or via a soft basis where you add a little bit of weighting in either direction. Great for those people who like forwarding on silly mailing list type mails, but still occasionally send on “useful” email.

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