Vade Business Restructuring

In late 2006, Vade obtained a new management team and some new investors. After a lengthy business review, it was decided to stop taking new customers and to focus solely on the requests of the current client base. A period of four weeks was given to cover all the requests that were currently known. 15 months later, after nearing the completion of a list of features and tasks many times longer than the original, it has been decided to begin taking new customers once again.

All our customers will gain access to our the new features on our control panel, our new billing system, and the new support system. Many months of work has gone into addressing the issues are customers have seen, features they requested, and things they think can be improved. We are always looking for suggestions so if there is anything you think we might have missed, please contact us.

A note to our existing customers, some of you may not have access to the new billing system just yet. We are working our way through the older invoices to make sure everything is visible on your account. If you want access today, just contact us and let us know.

Outside of the technical changes noted above, a decision was made to always put the customer needs first and to try meet every customer request. We feel that we are closer to achieving this now but continue to strive towards the end goal of complete customer satisfaction.

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